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What happens at GMC Senior Behavioral Health Services?

Senior Behavioral Health provides a brief intensive and comprehensive inpatient program for older adults (55 years and older) who suffer from psychiatric, emotional and behavioral disorders.  The treatment is designed for persons with symptoms that are interfering with social, emotional, physical and relationship or family functioning.

There is also a Structured Outpatient program for individuals that don’t require hospitalization. The program utilizes group therapy, to teach new coping strategies, and medication management.

What are the indicators for inpatient care?

Significant depression or anxiety that have been unsuccessfully treated in an outpatient setting; suicidal or homicidal thinking; hallucinations or delusions; destructive or aggressive behavior; adjustment of psychotropic medications that require hospital observation.

What kind of symptoms might a typical patient possess?

It is not unusual for patients to experience one or more of the following symptoms:  lack of energy or motivation; avoiding family and friends; constantly worrying; experiencing difficulty sleeping; poor appetite; weight loss; confused thinking; feelings of sadness or loneliness; loss of interest in daily activities; agitation; low self-esteem or changes in temperament.

Can you describe an example of someone who might benefit from your services?

Elderly patients experiencing a physical decline and/or multiple losses are at risk for developing depression and other mental health issues.  In addition, persons in the early stages of dementia and recent stroke victims may benefit from the program.  We take an individualized approach and develop a treatment plan specific to the needs of each patient and family in an effort to provide the most comprehensive, state of the art care for your loved one.

What are some problems that you can address?

Treatment for depression is most common, followed by anxiety, adjustment disorders, dementia, and any psychiatric disorders. Our team is available to help patients and families cope and understand their diagnosis as well as to assist in developing coping strategies to deal with the problem.

What services does Senior Behavioral Health offer?

Physician management of care; skilled nursing care; individual assessment and discharge planning; group and individual therapy; recreational activities; education; medication management; rehabilitation therapy, and nutritional therapy.

How does a patient pay for services?

Medicare and most private insurance plans cover the cost of the services provided. Please keep in mind that co-payments, deductibles, and policy limitations may apply.

What is the process for admission?

A referral can come from a healthcare professional, agency, individual or family member. Senior Behavioral Health staff can provide a clinical assessment at no cost to the individual.   Admission to the program is offered only to those patients that a physician has determined require inpatient care and who will be able to actively participate in treatment.   Most patients complete a medical screening exam in the Emergency Department prior to admission to rule out any medical concerns.

Once hospitalized what can we expect?

With all care at Girard Medical Center, we believe in the team approach.   Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of nurses, social workers, mental health and rehabilitation staff, along with the psychiatrist and other physicians to provide you with individualized care that stresses dignity and respect. Our goal is to help you live life to its fullest.

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