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Girard Medical Center

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Meet Our Staff - Karma Michael!

Meet Karma Michael from our Health Information Management (HIM) Department!  She is both a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) AND a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS).  GMC is required to have someone with her . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Crystal Fox!

Crystal Fox is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and has been with GMC for 8 years this month.  She has been in health care since she was a teenager!  She received her Certified Nursing Assistant degree at 17, had Restorative Aide . . .

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Meet our Staff - Shayla Johnson!

Meet the face of Girard Medical Center – to a lot of our patients anyway! Shayla Johnson is the first friendly person people see in in our weekend Express Care, our Girard, Frontenac, Arma and Cherokee clinics, our ER, and our . . .

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Meet our Staff - Kylie Blackburn!

Kylie Blackburn is described as a compassionate, empathetic, excellent nurse who is well-organized and you rarely see without a smile.  She has been with GMC for a year, and she worked at Prairie Mission Retirement for 8 years prior . . .

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Meet our Staff - Kelli Roberts!

Kelli Roberts RN is a great addition to GMC’s Senior Behavioral Health program!  She is a new graduate from the Labette Community College nursing program.  Kelli chose nursing as a career because she enjoys helping people . . .

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Meet our Staff - Jessica Smith!

Meet Jessica Smith from our Frontenac Clinic! She is a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), Receptionist and, according to those who work with her, “Knower Of All Things!” Rachel Stevens MD said she gained that reputation for . . .

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Meet our Staff - Amy Walker!

Amy Walker is our Material’s Management Supervisor and has been with GMC for 14 years.  She works “behind the scenes” but is a vital part of our hospital team! Her job includes everything from ordering supplies, . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Beth Simpson!

Beth Simpson’s official title is the Director of Senior Behavioral Health – but she is much more!  She also oversees our Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab programs, and has helped develop our new Wound Care program. . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Jeannie Peterson CRNA!

Happy Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist week to the best CRNA we know – Jeannie Peterson!  Can you believe she’s been with us for 26 years? She must have started work here in grade school, right? Just . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Alisha Raines!

We have a fantastic Emergency Department – and Alisha Raines RN is one of the reasons for its great reputation! Patients find her very compassionate and caring AND known for being a “no nonsense” type of person who gets . . .

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Meet our Staff - Eric Bradshaw!

You just might be related to this guy!  Our featured employee this week is our Director of Rehab Services, Eric Bradshaw. Apparently quite often he will be working with patients who discover they are his “second cousin once . . .

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Meet our Staff - Mark Curran!

Our next staff member we are featuring is floor technician, Mark Curran (pictured center).  Seems appropriate timing since he not only celebrated the New Year on Wednesday, but also his 6 th decade! He was hired into our . . .

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Meet our Staff - Derek Crumpacker!

If you know Derek Crumpacker, you rarely see him without this smile! He is well-known for being very personable, easy-going, upbeat, and being willing to do whatever people ask of him. Maybe that’s why he loves his . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Ann Sanders PT!

Our featured employee this week is Ann Sanders!  She joined the Girard Medical Center Therapy Department as a part-time physical therapist in July of 2017. Her coworkers say they wouldn’t have the great department they are . . .

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Meet our Staff - Kaleigh HIll RN!

We are featuring Kaleigh Hill RN this week – you may have met her if you or a family member has been an inpatient here. Kaleigh came to us fresh out of school and says she has learned and grown so much since beginning work here 4 . . .

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Meet our Staff -- Tammy Grisham!

Tammy Grisham has only been with us a lyear and a half but according to her fellow workers, has already become an integral part of the Lab Team!  She is a phlebotomist and a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) but mostly works for us . . .

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Meet our Staff - Michelle Pollman!

We are thankful for Michelle Pollman RN – she is an ideal fit for the position she is in as Team Leader for our Senior Behavioral Health program!  She is described as hardworking, big-hearted, and will do what it takes to get the . . .

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Meet our Staff - Lindsey Stuart!

Unless you have been to our hospital during the evening, you might not have met Lindsey Stuart RN. Lindsey works nights and genuinely enjoys those hours! She loves the night life so much that she even stays on the night shift schedule on . . .

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Meet our Staff - Missy Mulherin!

If you have had surgery here you probably are aware of how valuable and patient-oriented this team member is!  Melissa (Missy) Mulherin RN is a surgical nurse and has been with us for 5 years.  She previously worked for . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Jamie Coltrane!

If you have been to our Cherokee Clinic you probably have met the receptionist, Jamie Coltrane!  She has been working for GMC for a little over 2 years and is described as a fun loving, energetic, positive and happy person. . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Angie Brooks RN!

include her dog, Casper, in the post since they recently finished in 4 th place in the intermediate division of the National Cattledog Finals in Cheyenne WY! That’s a great accomplishment considering they compete against other . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Barbara Bass!

Many fellow Girardians will know this week’s featured employee. Barbara Bass has lived in Girard most of her life and was born at Girard Medical Center! She has been working here full-time as a housekeeper in our Medical/Surgical . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Stormy Carter APRN!

Sometimes you can tell a lot from a photo, and yes, Stormy Carter APRN is as friendly and outgoing as she appears! If you have been cared for by Stormy here at GMC, most recently in her role as an ER Nurse Practitioner, no doubt you . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Donna Gravitt!

Meet Dr. Rachel Steven’s full-time nurse, Donna Gravitt! Donna has been working at GMC of Frontenac for 3 ½ years as an LPN, but has worked in healthcare for over 30 years!  Actually – 32 years, 1 month and 2 . . .

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Meet our Staff - Erin Battagler APRN!

If you have been in Girard driving west on Hwy 47 no doubt you have seen Erin Battagler APRN on our Billboard!  Erin is a great representative of GMC, and has been a full-time nights/weekends Nurse Practitioner in our Emergency . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Alice Grotheer!

Our next staff member we would like to introduce works “behind the scenes” at GMC. Alice Grotheer has been our accountant for the past 15 years. Her job includes most of the accounting functions as well as preparing . . .

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Meet Our Staff - Amy McDonald!

It’s a happy coincidence that we randomly drew Radiology Tech, Amy McDonald’s name this week to feature!  Amy just had her 20 th work anniversary on the 7 th of this month, AND, she is a certified mammography tech! . . .

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Meet our Staff - Coty Johnson!

If you have had surgery here, you probably have met surgical nurse, Coty Johnson!  Coty has been a nurse for 22 years and has been with us for 7 years. During that time she has developed the reputation of being a top-notch nurse who . . .

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Meet our Staff - Jenny Thompson-Geier!

Meet one of our newest nutritional aides, Jenny Thompson-Geier!  Girardians might already know Jenny – she has lived here most of her life after growing up in Pittsburg and attending Pittsburg High School.  After graduating . . .

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Meet Our GMC Team - Angie Mukwindidza

Our featured employee this week is Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Nurse, Angie Mukwindidza! Angie is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA).  She received both degrees from Labette Community College. . . .

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Meet our GMC Team - Dennis Fry!

We are happy to introduce to you Dennis Fry RN!  Even though Dennis has only been with us since February, he is already known for his level-headedness and is well respected for his skills and calm demeanor.  Those are great . . .

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Welcome Toni Pommier, Director of Nutritional Services!

We introduce to you our new Director of Nutritional Services – Toni Pommier! Toni comes to us with a lot of experience!  She has been a Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) for over 35 years – she received her . . .

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Meet Our GMC Team - Stephanie Krieger!

We are happy to introduce to you Stephanie Krieger!  She is the second randomly drawn employee in the weekly series featuring our fantastic GMC Team! Stephanie is a Registered Nurse who works full-time days in the . . .

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Our GMC Team - meet Katie Pope!

Meet Katie Pope!  She is the first employee drawn in an ongoing Friday series featuring our GMC Team! Katie has been with us for 3 years now as a Medical Technologist.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree from PSU and did . . .

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Congratulations Dr. Salvador - 20 years with GMC!

Girard was blessed 20 years ago when Dr. Salvador chose to move here from Colorado to begin her practice! There’s nothing we can say that her patients don’t already know.  Her reputation speaks for itself and it is loud . . .

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Welcome to Sonographer, Jill Buck!

We are excited to introduce to you our new Sonographer, Jill Buck!  Jill is actually not new to Girard Medical Center, she worked the “switchboard” about 25 years ago while she was attending a two-year program to become an . . .

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Welcome Hannah Herrstrom, Nursing Team Leader!

Girard Medical Center is pleased to welcome Hannah Herrstrom RN BSN as our new Nursing Team Leader! Hannah was born and raised in Tonganoxie, Kansas. She . . .

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Welcome New Dietitian, Cathy Naanes!

“Breaking bread together is part of every culture. What we eat also has a huge impact on how we feel and how we function.” Words wisely spoken by our . . .

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Ruth Duling, Woman of Distinction!

Congratulations to Girard Medical Center CEO, Ruth Duling, for being recognized as one of the 2019 “Women of Distinction” by the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce.   Every year the Chamber publishes a calendar . . .

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Outpatient Senior Behavioral Health Welcomes New Therapist, Stella Lynch!

Welcome to Stella Lynch TLMSW (pictured middle), our new therapist for the Outpatient Senior Behavioral Health program! She recently joined Mike Willis MS LCP, and Taylor Lindsay CNA, in bringing joy back to the lives of those . . .

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Welcome new Occupational Therapist, Tammi Norris!

Meet Tammi Norris – our new Occupational Therapist at Girard Medical Center. Well – she isn’t actually “new” – she worked for us several years ago and we are so happy to have her back! “Tammi is . . .

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Congratulations to GMC's New CEO, Ruth Duling!

Ruth Duling moved to Girard in the summer of 1969 when her father accepted a position as Assistant Superintendent of USD 248.  She attended 1 st through 12 th grade in the Girard schools and graduated from PSU with a Bachelor Degree in . . .

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Congratulations Anna Lomshek for receiving "Mentor of the Year" award!

Congratulations to Anna Lomshek RN who was honored at the PSU Spring Nursing Banquet on March 10 th for being a recipient of the Outstanding Nurse Preceptor Award! This annual award ceremony honors nurses who have a distinct impact on the . . .

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Our GMC Team

No doubt many people reading this know our Physical and Occupational Therapy Tech, Heather Mlekus!  She is the friendly face of GMC’s PT Department and has been for almost 20 years! Hard to believe, right? And no, she didn’t . . .

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Our GMC Team

Janis Carter grew up on a farm north of Erie and had made plans in her teens to become a school teacher.  In fact, after graduating from Erie High School, she even began classes at Neosho County Community College to get her basics in . . .

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Our GMC Team

Girard Medical Center and the entire Southeast Kansas community are very fortunate to have this surgeon in their midst! Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John (Jay) G. Yost has served on Girard Medical Center’s Active Staff for over 20 years, and . . .

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Our GMC Team

Back in 1976 a stamp cost 13 cents,  Rocky was the popular movie, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was number 1 on the charts, and Carol Rose began as a CNA at Girard Medical Center!  No doubt that all would agree . . .

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Our GMC Team

How many people do you know who have worked at the same place since high school, AND have been there over 35 years?  Lisa Roberts is one of the few people who can boast of such a feat!  Lisa’s GMC story began when she came to . . .

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Our GMC Team

It takes special people to care for our inpatient Senior Behavioral Health patients and RN Sarah Hallacy is a great example of a true care giver.  Her coworkers are quick to agree and say that not only is she caring and understanding . . .

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Our GMC Team

What type of person does it take to do a MOSTLY thankless job that is both demanding and sometimes very stressful?  The Connie Little type! Connie is the Director of Medical Records and is responsible for maintaining and securing . . .

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Our GMC Team

“Joyce will know the answer!”  You hear that a lot around here!  It’s true – and if she doesn’t know the answer, she has the problem-solving skills to figure it out! Joyce Geier came to work at GMC . . .

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Our GMC Team

At GMC we know our people are 100% of the reason for our success! Beginning today, every week we will highlight a different staff member so you can understand why we have such a great hospital! We are beginning with Maintenance . . .

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Our GMC Team

If you or a loved one have been in GMC’s ER in the past 20 years, you probably know Simon ! Simon’s story is very difficult to condense into a post -- a novel or TV movie might be more appropriate! His life has . . .

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Our GMC Team

Girard Medical Center not only has great hospital employees – we have some pretty terrific people working in our clinics, as well! Joyce Hagemann is an excellent example – she is an LPN for the Cherokee Clinic and has been . . .

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