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New Hospital Board as of April 2013

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L-R: Jerry Hanson, Mary Jane Dent, Mike Bodensteiner, Nancy George, Glen Mathis

At Girard Medical Center, our doctors, nurses and staff members work tirelessly to serve the medical needs of their community every day. What you might not realize, though, is who is running the show behind the scenes.

That would be the five members of the GMC Board of Trustees: Glen Mathis, chairman; Mary Jane Dent, vice-chairman; Nancy George, treasurer; Mike Bodensteiner, secretary; and Jerry Hanson, trustee.  These volunteers represent a broad range of views and experiences:

Glen Mathis is the pharmacist at Mathis Drug Store in Girard.

Why did you choose to run for the hospital board?

Mathis: I believe my input as a long-standing businessman and medical professional would be beneficial to the board and hospital.

What important issues/priorities do you see for the board and hospital in the next few years?

Mathis: A priority will be budgeting funds in a way to be certain that we work together with administration and health care providers to control cost and still deliver the highest quality health care to our community.

How important is our hospital to this community?

Mathis: I believe it is the lifeblood of the community.


Nancy George is the chief risk officer for Girard National Bank.

Why did you choose to run for the hospital board?

George: The hospital is very important to our local economy and quality of life. I want to help Girard Medical Center continue to have a positive impact in our local communities.

What important issues/priorities do you see for the board and hospital in the next few years?

George: Our priorities include recruiting and retaining surgeons and family practitioners; exploring new services to meet our communities’ needs; and generating sufficient cash flow to repay the hospital’s bonds.

How important is our hospital to this community?

George: Girard Medical Center is a wonderful asset in our communities. It employs many residents of Girard and surrounding communities, and the hospital itself and its staff members support other local businesses with their purchases, making a significant impact on the local area. Also, they conveniently provide many services to help meet patrons’ health care needs.

Mary Jane Dent is an educator at Girard High School and serves as library media specialist for GHS and GMS.

Why did you choose to run for the hospital board?

Dent: I was actually asked by a nominating committee that existed previously to run and thought it would be means of giving back to the hospital and community since both have been very important in my life. Because my background is in education, I believe I bring a different perspective to the board and can truthfully say that I have learned a lot, enjoyed it and hopefully contributed along the way. I am thankful because being a board member has been a very positive and rewarding experience with very professional people.

What important issues/priorities do you see for the board and hospital in the next few years?

Dent: The hospital and board will face several challenges in the next few years. The first will be to continue to provide excellent and personal health care to area patrons while meeting the economic challenges of the times, including the costs associated with the implementation of electronic health records. Another will be searching for additional medical personnel and programs to provide necessary services and generate revenue, as well as a chief executive officer after Michael Payne, who is doing a wonderful job as CEO, retires. Still another will be to provide the equipment and technology necessary to allow all staff to do their jobs to the best of their ability. GMC has a wonderful staff, and the board must do everything possible to take care of the people who are the heart of the facility and provide the services that make GMC what it is.

How important is our hospital to this community?

Dent: Girard Medical Center is a vital part of this community and hopefully always will be. If you had the opportunity to read the 2012 Annual Report mailed to patrons, you can readily see the economic impact that GMC has on this area, from payroll and expenditures locally to charity care, scholarships and other free services. It is a source of pride to the community that Girard has a modern, renovated facility, outreach clinics and an outstanding staff to provide the personal, professional medical care to area residents that the Girard hospital has always been known for. When you go there, it is like going to see old friends who will do their very best to take care of your needs.

Mike Bodensteiner is the executive director of the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center-Greenbush.  

Why did you choose to run for the hospital board?

Bodensteiner: Access to outstanding medical services and education serves as the foundation for ensuring a high quality of life for any community. Girard has a long history of demonstrating its commitment to both of these critical institutions. My decision to run for the hospital board stems from my appreciation of the leadership that served before me and my desire to give back to the community that has given me so much.

What important issues/priorities do you see for the board and hospital in the next few years?

Bodensteiner: There are a number of distinct, but nonetheless related, issues that will need to be addressed by the board and the hospital in the coming years. Obviously, changes in the health care system and ensuring all citizens have access to quality medical services are two challenges that lay head. Managing ever-decreasing fiscal resources, all the while attracting outstanding medical personnel, maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction and meeting the needs of the community, will be vital to the continued success of GMC.

How important is our hospital to this community?

Bodensteiner: I believe it is difficult to separate the hospital from the larger community given it is such an important component, both in terms of economic impact and service delivery. At the end of the day, the success of the hospital rests with the mutual support and relationships that exist between the hospital, city and county government – and, most importantly, the residents of Crawford County.

Jerry Hanson is the Medical Technologist and Technical Consultant at Mag Lab in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Why did you choose to run for the hospital board?

I decided to run for the hospital board to complete my lifelong commitment to the Girard community.  Over the past 39 years, I have either been Laboratory Director, CEO, or a part time laboratory employee of Girard Medical Center.  My efforts have always been to provide or ensure top quality medical care for all citizens of our community.  The last position I could fill for this effort was becoming a member of the Board of Trustees for the hospital.  In doing this, I could now offer my medical insight to the decision making process of the Board.  The current Board has excellent diversity of education and experience and I felt that adding my knowledge could be helpful to the direction the board points our hospital towards.  However, in order to be qualified to accept this position, I was required to resign my position as a hospital employee.  This was a very difficult decision for me and my family, but we felt that I could be of the most help to the community, at this time, by being on the Board of Trustees.

What important issues/priorities do you see for the board and hospital in the next few years?

In order to upgrade the facilities of the hospital, a large debt had to be incurred.  This being done, it is the first responsibility of the Board to ensure the revenues are available to service this debt.  With the current decrease in reimbursement from the Federal Government (Medicare) due to sequestration, this responsibility will take constant attention for the next several years.  However, at the same time, we must be committed to retaining the excellent staff the our hospital currently has.  This includes physicians, nurse practitioners, and all hospital staff.  We must always be looking ahead towards the recruitment of staff needed for the future.  In the case of physicians, especially, this project has to be started several years before the needs actually occur. Although we have completed an excellent addition / renovation to our facility, we are now faced with a long overdue upgrade to the original hospital infrastructure.  This will be a very large project that will require a significant financial commitment.  This process must be reviewed very carefully by the board members to make sure all needed upgrades are completed in a fiscally responsible manner.   Another large project that has just been started is the implementation of Electronic Medical Records.  This project is being mandated by the government and will take quite some time, and, again, a significant financial commitment.  A common theme among all the issues above is “financial commitment”.  We, as the hospital board, must be diligent in careful study and responsible spending to achieve the goals, and at the same time, keeping the hospital solvent.

How important is our hospital to this community?

The hospital is vitally important to the community for several reasons.  The first being access to quality medical care in a timely manner.  This is always the most important responsibility of our hospital.  After that, the large amount of revenue injected into the local economy is crucial to the community businesses.  Even though the hospital revenues are non-taxed, a very large amount of taxes are paid by the employees of the facility and the utilities consumed by the physical plant inject significant revenues into the local governments. Without the hospital, there would be a very large void in our community, both medically and financially.

Tasked with leading GMC’s staff to carry out the hospital’s mission, these volunteers provide the highest level of governance to the hospital and are ultimately responsible for its management and control  They have the leadership skills it takes to constructively challenge the status quo, as well as understand and evaluate the financial information.

In their monthly meetings, hospital board members focus on six key responsibilities: ensuring the achievement of the hospital’s mission, vision and strategic direction; ensuring quality and patient safety; building strong board/CEO relationships; providing informed and effective financial leadership and oversight; advocating for the hospital’s interests and building strong community relations; and medical staff credentialing.

Girard Medical Center is privileged to have Trustees who commit the time necessary for successful board service, and have a willingness and a desire to learn and understand the complexities of the health care environment and the challenges of meeting our patient and community needs.


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Glen Mathis
Mary Jane Dent
Nancy E George
Mike Bodensteiner
Jerry Hanson



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