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Senior Behavioral Health Services


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What can I expect from Senior Behavioral Health Inpatient Care?

Senior Behavioral Health Inpatient is a short-stay, intensive and comprehensive mental health treatment program for those suffering from acute psychiatric, emotional, or behavioral disorders.  The program includes skilled nursing, social work assessment, medication stabilization, group and/or individual therapy, recreational activities, health / wellness training, nutrition consultation, physical / occupational therapy, and discharge planning.  Treatment also focuses on improving coping / living skills, grief resolution, and stress management.

What is a Structured Outpatient Program (SOP)?

Senior Behavioral Health’s Structured Outpatient Program (SOP) is an intermediate level of health care treatment for senior adults age 55 and older. Individuals are seen as a group, with treatment usually starting with 2  treatment days each week for approximately 3 hours each day.

The SOP is more intensive than traditional outpatient treatment and is designed to address such problems as, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, complicated grief, sleep disturbances, social withdrawal, interpersonal conflicts, etc. The patient is offered services by a multi-disciplinary team of caring, experienced behavioral health professionals, which include a physician, licensed therapist, and nursing aid.

What services are offered at Structured Outpatient Program (SOP)?

Services offered by Senior Behavioral Health (SOP) include: A comprehensive, psychiatric evaluation, cognitive / behavioral group therapy, medication education, psychiatric medication management, resource development, and discharge planning. Each participant receives an individualized treatment plan that reflects his or her goals and objectives.

On an as needed basis, reports are sent to each participant’s primary care physician, who will also be consulted regarding medication changes.

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a goal-directed and semi-structured therapy involving a partnership between the patient, therapist, and in our program’s case, fellow group members. Together, patients examine all factors that led up to and maintain a problem, including identification of negative thinking patterns which lead to maladaptive emotional states and behaviors. Patients are fully involved in treatment and engage with the therapist in setting short and long term goals, evaluating how treatment is working for them, and in moving forward in developing healthy and proactive behavior to engage in their daily lives.  Patients gain support and encouragement from (and provide support and encouragement to) others who are coping with similar difficulties. All group therapy participants agree to confidentiality prior to the start of treatment.

How is eligibility determined for Outpatient and/or Inpatient Care?

A Senior Behavioral Health clinician can provide a free confidential assessment to determine if you are eligible for either program.

Are Senior Behavioral Health services covered by my insurance?

Senior Behavioral Health accepts Traditional Medicare. Other insurances may be accepted. Contact Senior Behavioral Health for more information.

Address / phone:


Referral Number:  620-724-7399 (Inpatient & Outpatient)


Outpatient:         804 Saint John

                              Girard, Ks 66743



Inpatient:           302 North Hospital Drive

                              Girard, Ks 66743