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Meet Adele, Our New (Almost) Dietitian!

We are happy to introduce you to our new (almost) dietitian, Adele!  Why “almost”?  Adele has her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from K-State and is in the process of finishing her internship to become a dietitian by the end of the year.  She currently works full-time for Labette Health under the direction of her preceptor, Elaine Hudson.  GMC was lucky enough to be able to contract with Labette, and Adele works for us a couple of days a week under the direction of our dietitian Peggy Kramer, who is in the process of retiring.  Adele is very grateful to Peggy for her mentorship, as are we!

Adele, her husband, Eric, and their two sons, Hunter (almost 19) and Gavin (17), moved to Southeast Kansas 11 years ago from Maryland. Adele taught school there for 7 years, and after moving here she home-schooled her boys until they graduated.

While home-schooling, she became very interested in how diet affects every aspect of health, and decided to return to school so she could become a dietitian. She is happy she made this decision and loves what she does.  “I especially enjoy working with people of different ages and building rapport with them,” Adele says. “I realize how vulnerable people feel when weighing and talking about their diseases, and I appreciate their trust.” She also enjoys how complex the science behind diets is.  She said it’s like a puzzle making things work with the math and the medical interactions.

It’s not always easy stepping into a role that was filled so well by your predecessor of over 30 years, but Adele is doing an outstanding job!  She has fit right in at GMC.  And she’s quick to say how much she appreciates everyone.  “The programs are amazing,” she says. “Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab, as well as the Bariatric program, are geared specifically toward the individuals and you quickly see results.”  She is equally impressed with the Nursing staff, saying, “They are very good at their jobs; they know the patients so well.” She especially has good things to say about the Nutritional Services staff.  “Leanna is so in tune with the patients,” Adele says. “She continues to find creative ways to meet the needs of the patients.”

Somehow outside of home-schooling her boys, working a full-time job, and going to school herself,  Adele does find time for hobbies such as biking and knitting.

Welcome, Adele! We are so happy to have you here!